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Introducing the original LIUHJG product, the LIUHJG 2 LED Fog Lights with Wiring Harness is the perfect addition to any motorcycle. With an easy installation (Plug & Play) design, these fog lights are ready to be mounted and used right out of the box. The high-quality all aluminum housing ensures durability and long-lasting performance even in the harshest conditions.

Featuring strobe flashing patterns, these fog lights not only provide increased visibility in adverse weather conditions but also add an extra level of safety for riders. The heavy-duty wiring harness ensures a stable and reliable power source for the lights, making them an ideal choice for long rides and off-road adventures.

The high-quality lamp beads deliver uniform brightness and a strong, concentrated light beam. The flexible base allows for easy adjustment and fixing, giving riders the freedom to direct the light where it's needed most. Available in yellow or white, and with a voltage of DC 12V, these fog lights produce an impressive 4500lm of light output, making them a must-have motorcycle accessory for any rider.

LIUHJG 2 LED with Wiring Harness Fog Lights

₹6,000.00 Regular Price
₹4,500.00Sale Price
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