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Terms & Conditions

We are in no way affiliated with Royal Enfield , 
All References to Vehicle , Models and Manufacturer are for information purpose only and 

don't intend to imply affiliation with the vehicle manufacturer .

Product once sold will not be returned or replaced unless it has manufacturing defects. The product has a 6 Month limited time warranty period. The product will be replaced only if there are any manufacturing defects recognised by the manufacturer's technical team.


These Terms and Conditions help you explaining your rights and obligations so you requested to please read them carefully.

You may have other legal rights and these Terms and Conditions do not affect those where this is not permitted by law.

Our Contact Details :

The goods on this website are provided by One Stop Accessories,  Pune , Maharashra , India. You can telephone or whatsapp us on +91 7741987450  In any case of complaints against us or our services you are requested to call us regarding any problems incurred & we will try our best to sort it out for you.

Purchasing from Us

By submitting your order you as a customer are offering to buy goods from us at the price set out or agreed between yourself & our company for the particular order.Our contract begins after we have received payment for the goods from you and concludes with the materials received by you.

We are obliged to send the goods to you in safe packaging to ensure safety of the components.

We try to ensure timely delivery of goods to customers but courier delays are beyond our control.

Generally economic courier services are used for supply of components to customers so as the prices can be kept down to bare minimum. Faster courier services can be used at an additional charge.

Payment & Taxations:

All payments can be made online through visa or master cards.

All Payments must be made in advance for confirmation of order.An order will be considered confirmed only after payment has been credited to our account.

Domestic customers can make a direct deposit to our account . The order will be considered confirmed after receipt of payment into our account.

Prices :

Our prices are based as per the quality of services we offer to you in terns of the product sold.We take a lot of pains in providing the goods we offer and stand behind our products.

We are aware of several very similar products being sold through other dealers and we request our consumers to please ensure that its the same product you compare. A lot of similar products are available which may look the same but performance may vary, the quality of worksmen ship, paint, chrome, material quality may vary.We pride ourselves in the products we sell and we endeavour to provide them to our customers at very competitive prices .

Delivery :

We try & despatch the ordered goods within (1-2 working days) of receiving the orders but certain parts are usually finished on order and may take some time to complete. Certain factors like bad weather & unavailability of labour may result in delay in finishing these components.Customers are requested to provide us ample time if possible for these components to ensure best quality product. In case of time contraints customers are advised to let us know before hand so that we can squeeze some time in.

On wholesale orders customers are advised to give us suitable time . All these jobs are done by hand by experienced & trained staff only and we have capacity constraints on daily production. Please note we may have earlier commitments or orders in hand.

Please note all customers our wholesalers & retail customers are of equal importantce to us. In fact it is only due to the support from all of you that we are here.We will try our best to complete all orders on priority.

Stock availability :

We try to keep maximm stock but this is however not possible due to many reasons.We will try to give you a firm time of delivery for most of the parts and if in some cases of delay we will communicate with you by email or phone and keep you informed.

If there is no possibility for us to arrange certain components ina decent time frame we will inform you likewise.

Complaints & Returns ( Damaged or Defective Goods) :

All Orders will be recorded while shipping so we can show you proof .

We supply goods in the best possible condition fitment but if customers on opening the goods find the goods in damaged condition or the component does not function properly by damage due to courier we suggest the customer to call us or get back to us to discuss the fault . We will suggest the customer gets in touch with us immediately .  If the goods are found to be damaged prior to delivery to you, or defective, we will repair or replace the goods or refund the price paid by you at our option.


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