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Riders today need a navigation device on their bike to follow their designated routes.
When you are riding a motorbike, the mobile holder keeps the smartphone steady on the spot.
It helps to navigate the apps and travel to the destination easily.
The phone attached to the mobile stand acts as a GPS device.
This creates a need for a proper mobile holder on the bike which can serve the purpose of holding the mobile firmly during long trips, proper position as per the angle of the rider etc.
Waterproof mobile holder protects your phone in wet conditions.
A wireless/cordless charger is a type of wireless power transfer.
It uses electro magnetic induction to provide power to the portable device.
Inductive charges transfer energy through inductive coupling.
A moving electric charge creates a magnetic field, which fluctuates in strength as the amplitude of the electric current fluctuates.
Finally the DC current charges the battery or provides operating power.


  Package Contents :

  • Mobile Holder (1 nos.)
  • Mount T1 (1 nos.)
  • Mount T2 ( 1 nos.)
  • Allen Key (1 nos.)
  • Fuse (2 nos.)
  • Warranty Card (1 nos.)


  • 12 Months Warranty : This mobile holder with charger comes with 12 Months warranty. Its warranty includes any kind of manufacturing defect or any component failure, except wear & tear.
    A warranty card will be issued to you at the time of purchase for easy replacement. 
  • 15W Fast Wireless charger  : Give your mobile the powerful charging support they deserve. This mobile holder comes with built in wireless Charger + USB C which is a 15w fast charger . thus, leading to hassle free ride without any worry about running out of Battery on a ride. Its 6V-3A Output provides as fast charging as wall charger for capable devices.
  • Anti theft Security : Why worry about your mobile holder when you can carry it along with you by not leaving it on your parked vehicle. If you want to protect your mobile holder from any kind of theft/robbery , then Simtac Mobile Holder is the top of the line in protection with our easy plug to remove the mobile holder and keep the wire intact in the bike for preventing mobile holder from theft.
  • 360°   Rotation: As its name suggests, this mobile holder can revolve at a 360° angle which means one can use it at any angle. It no longer impacts your vision since one can adjust as per his angle of vision and position due to its flexibility.
  • Compact & Secure: The clean and clever design sports great holding power without hiding your smartphone behind foam pads and silicon bands. A transparent touch screen window enhances touch screen functions and easy phone operation while riding. It comes with 3 side safety lock.
  • Water Proof: This mobile holder is also waterproof. Suitable for general use in most weather conditions. The tough case performed well in wet conditions provides reliable protection against the rainy season, snow and damp air.
  • Supports Up to 7.0 Inches Screen: This mobile holder comes with a more unique feature. One has not to purchase this product as per his mobile type; rather its universal feature expands it to fit an android phone or an iPhone. May it be 4.0 inches screen or 7.0 inches screen, keeping all your ports accessible. Touch Sensitive transparent cover ensures mobile touchscreen works perfectly well. You can easily mount this on any handlebar.
  • OEM Grade Components  Used: The components used in this product are high grade components. Its main unit is of black color with a 2 pin black coupler and 1.5 M wire. There is no compromise with the quality of the product. Before packing, each and every component and product is tested at different stages to make sure it is working efficiently.
  • All Tools & Spare Parts Included: Along with the coupler and wire, there is a REARVIEW MIRROR MOUNT (specially for scooters). Also, there is a 32MM diameter METAL BUCKLE for bike handlebar which is also available in other sizes like 22, 25 MM. These are very useful to tighten/loosen the handlebar. Two zip ties, two spare fuses, one ALLEN KEY (size 4) is there to secure the wire while connecting it to battery.
  • Perfectly Mount On both Bikes & Scooters: This universal mobile holder is designed in a way to meet the needs of both a bike rider as well as a scooty rider. This unique feature makes it perfectly fit on both bikes and scooters.

Waterproof Mobile Holder Wireless Charger With USB C For Motorcycle & Bike

₹6,999.00 Regular Price
₹3,000.00Sale Price
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