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This wiring harness is directly compatible with the socket and compatible with all motorcycles , it is meant for auxiliary lights. It is Plug & Play and easy to install  .

The wiring consists of Relay , Flasher , Fuse , 2 wires 1 negative 1 positive , 2 Sockets for Auxiliary Lights , 1 wire for Ignition , 1 Pc Led On / Off Switch

Fuse                      : 15 A
Relay                     : 40 A
Operating Voltage   : DC 9-32V
Operating Temp      : -10°C to +50°C
Life-span                : Upto 8-10 Years
IP Rating                : IP-67 Certified
Terminals               : Copper / Tin copper

The Hazard Flasher enables to give the Auxiliary Lights 2 Blinking patterns . 

The Led switch is a premium switch made from Aluminium Cnc 

The Wiring Harness is all connected 

What needs to be done by you : 

1. Connect Black (-ve) and Red (+ve) to your motorcycle Battery
2. Connect the Fog Light Connectors 
3. Install the On / Off Switch and connect the Red Wire to the Ignition of your Motorcycle

To see how it works you can reach out to us on WhatsApp:

Wiring Harness for Auxiliary Led Lights With Led On / Off Switch

SKU: 18888809
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